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C4 Filter does not display correct code or value set for Problems


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      Hi, we are going through certification in just a few hours and are seeing the following filter criteria for C4:

      Problems SNOMEDCT codes in Congenital absence of cervix (disorder) (code: drc-2aee01847828ef298f92805dcf74e47c73f590a1ce12a00cedb235f1e691e47e)

      My assumption is that this is happening because the code is not contained in a value set but rather as a cql "code" element as follows:

      code "Congenital absence of cervix (disorder)": '37687000' from "SNOMEDCT:2017-09" display 'Congenital absence of cervix (disorder)'

      When we filter on that single code we do have one patient matching.

      What I do not know is what Cypress will be expecting. Will it expect a zip with zero patients because it is unable to figure out the code? Or is it expecting a zip with the one patient because this might be a display issue only?

      Please advise as soon as possible.


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