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C1 Sample Test upload - "CMS127v7 - immunization, administered not complete" error - need help


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      Hi, This error is for vendor PI, test deck PI_TEST19. I'm getting error "CMS127v7 - immunization, administered not complete" when uploading my sample patients. The entry for Immunization, Administered is contained in my QRDA 1 file for this sample patient (see file CMS127v7 Z1 N_CMS127v7 Cancer Male_1944-07-02.xml in the attached c1_PI_LLC_Sampling.zip file). As far as I can tell, this entry is formatted correctly. Also, this entry exactly matches similar CMS127v7 Immunization, Administered entries found for the Cypress test patients in the downloaded C1-C3 test deck for PI_TEST19. 
      Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?
      Thanks, Bill

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