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C1 Test error - QRDA Cat I file not accepted as part of patient population, denominator and denominator exclusions


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      Hi, I've encountered a strange error I haven't seen before. This problem is with vendor PI, test deck PI_TEST9, measure CMS65v8. Note that I did need to correct the test deck before I starting testing C1-C3. I had to remove measure CMS2v7 and add CMS22v7. 
      The validator is rejecting the QRDA I file for Ivan Colon. Here are the error messages I'm seeing:

      Calculated value (0) for DENEX (0B4E6D89-5D86-4723-89EF-6D053139F2C9) does not match expected value (1)
      Calculated value (0) for DENOM (6270E4EF-5AA6-4A26-846F-44C4FDB1E76F) does not match expected value (1)
      Calculated value (0) for IPP (EDC27A6E-F2EF-4B75-8CA3-57586AB78FAE) does not match expected value (1)

      I've done as much as I can to insure the QRDA I file contains the required valid entries to include the patient in the IPOP, denominator and denominator exclusions (please see summary below and the discussed attached files). 
      Please advise. Thx, Bill
      Following is a summary of entries included in rejected file (Ivan_Colon.xml). I've attached a screen shot of the errors, and also the zipped upload file for this measure containing Ivan Colon's xml file.
      IPOP and Denominator entries:
      birthtime 1970-01-01 (19700101000000) between 18 and 85 at start of reporting period (1/1/2019)
      2 qualifying encounters (99214 on 2019-05-02 and 99213 on 2019-03-05 both in Office Visit valueset, 2.16.840.1.113883.3.464.1003.101.12.1001)
      Diagnosis - I10, Essential (primary) hypertension, active since 2011-08-08
      Denominator exclusion entry:
      Diagnosis - 585.6, End stage renal disease, active since 2019-05-02

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