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Calculated value for DENOM does not match expected value


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      I keep coming across random errors where Cypress will report for example "Calculated value (0.0) for DENOM (0BF35D9B-3766-4FFE-A0B8-20709C608D82) does not match expected value (1)". Usually the error is for just one of the patients from the zip that I uploaded. I say random because I will upload the exact same zip file again and the error will go away.

      My Cypress install is from the VM download running in VirtualBox. I have allocated 8GB of RAM to the VM.

      I am uploading test results via the API using a test tool that we have not modified since its use in Cypress 3.2.3. Typically QRDA Cat I & III results for all 56 EP measures will be uploaded all at once in sequential order. But when they are failing I am re-uploading manually. This last run of 56 had 3 measures fail in this way.

      Hopefully this is either isolated or reproducible by your team. I would hate to see this sort of thing on certification day.

      Thank you
      Matthew Dugal


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