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CMS165v7 - apparent bug in Cat III validation logic


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      This problem is occurring during C2 and C3 upload validation for the Cat III file for CMS165v7 for Vendor PI, Test Product PI_TEST4. The IPOP and DENOM totals shown in the View Patients link are 13. In the C2 and C3 test the IPOP and DENOM totals are both 1. The uploaded zip file for the C1 and C3 test contains 13 patients and is shown as Passing after validation. The Cat III file fails because it is referencing the 13 C1 and C3 zip file patients. It is not clear why the validator is only expecting 1 patient in the Cat III file. Please advise. 

      The Cat I zip file, Cat III xml file and screen shots (Word doc file) of the View Patients page and the C2 and C3 page for the CMS165v7 test are attached.

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