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Cypress 4.0.0: CMS132 patient intended for Numerator does not match numerator evaluation


      In Cypress 4.0.0 (CMS 132), there is at least one test patient with a numerator evaluation issue. The patient file has one cataract procedure with a relevant period of 20190204080000 - 20190204101500. When evaluating the numerator, both the CataractSurgeryPerformed and the SurgicalComplicationProcedure have the same relevant period.

      When evaluating the numerator's such that clause, the start of the SurgicalComplicationProcedure cannot be in an open interval that starts from the end of the CataractSurgeryPerformed because CataractSurgeryPerformed's end time is the same as SurgicalComplicationProcedure's start time (using a precision of "Day").

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