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Unable to pass C4 filter test for SNOMED filter after applying filter - only able to pass test when no filter is applied.


    • We are only able to pass this test when the filter, "SNOMEDCT codes in Pregnancy (code: 2.16.840.1.113883.3.526.3.378)", is NOT applied and all patients are submitted
    • QRDA-I Standard Question

      Hello, This issue is for vendor PI, product PI_TEST1, C4 test for CMS165v7. We have either encountered a bug in the Cypress C4 logic or we require further clarification on this issue.
      I have attached a Word document with screen shots of the C4 problem filter test and the test data for product PI_TEST1. The screen shots show a population and denominator of 13. The filter criteria only permits patients with a Pregnancy diagnosis, "SNOMEDCT codes in Pregnancy (code: 2.16.840.1.113883.3.526.3.378)". However, the screen shot for the View Patients link shows male patients. The only way I can pass this test is if I do not apply a filter when performing QRDA 1 and QRDA III file generation. Please advise as to whether this is a bug or just a misunderstanding on our part. If its a misunderstanding, please explain why the filtered data includes male patients. Thank you.

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