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CMS 22v7 Meds discontinuation date is "12/31/10006"


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      While testing CMS 22v7 for 2019 reporting in Cypress v4.0.0, we noticed that some patients with negation of medications show the medication with an incorrect year in the discontinuation date. It displays as "12/31/10006" in their html files. Is this date an error? The high effective time is displayed as nullFlavor='UNK' in the xml. Below is an example of this:
      <effectiveTime xsi:type="IVL_TS"><low value='20190117081500'/><high nullFlavor='UNK'/></effectiveTime>

      I have attached two patient examples from CMS 22v7 here:

      3 N Heart Adult (Brian Houston): RxNorm 854901 January 17th, 2019 08:15 - December 31st, 10006 23:59

      Z2 N GP Adult (Ben Dawson): RxNorm 197361 February 6th, 2019 08:15 - December 31st, 10006 23:59


      Thank you,



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