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Device, Order negation author/time is missing and seems to be causing an issue


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      This issue may be related to - https://oncprojectracking.healthit.gov/support/browse/CYPRESS-1356

      We seem to be having a similar issue in Cypress 3.2.3. I have attached a test patient QRDA I file downloaded from Cypress. Cypress expects the patient to be in the Numerator, but we are not getting that in our system.

      I investigated the file for this patient and I see that author/time has a nullFlavor. Since author/time is needed for Device, Order (even for negation) our system is unable to get the time for evaluation within the measure and therefore not classifying as meeting the numerator. The <effectiveTime> is provided but that should not be relevant for Device, Order negation.


      I have attached the test file downloaded from Cypress 3.2.3.

      I have also attached a word document showing the Device, order entry for this test file that shows that author/time has a nullFlavor when I believe it should have a valid date/time for the encounter to be classified in Numerator.

      Any guidance on what may be the issue here would be very much appreciated.

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