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Bonnie test cases displays Numerator in green (passing) inappropriately


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    • BONNIE
    • Hospital Harm - Severe Hyperglycemia
    • QDM/CQL
    • This is a critical blocker as this measure is in the CMS MIPS program and is undergoing AU 2023 review.
    • Bonnie QDM 5.1.3
    • Yes

      CMS871 Hospital Harm - Severe Hyperglycemia measure is undergoing Bonnie testing for AU 2023 review, and when testing case where patient has more than one encounter, the Numerator displays as green (passing) incorrectly.

      See attached screen shots. The first screen shot shows the Bonnie case where there is one encounter. The case as expected meets the IPP/Denom, meets the Denominator Exclusion, and does not meet the Numerator. The Numerator is not in green, and the result shows "UNHIT".

      The second screenshot shows that when a Encounter Inpatient data element is then added to begin creating the second encounter test case, the Numerator turns green even though there is no numerator criteria in the second encounter. Although the Numerator is green, the NUMER CQL Calculation Results = 0. Also, the Numerator results shows the first encounter (start 11/25/2023 - end 11/30/2023) as the hit even though the first encounter does not meet the numerator.

      There currently is a known issues in Bonnie QDM that is resulting in test cases being included in the Denominator/Numerator Measure Observations even if they satisfy the Denominator Exclusion and wondering if this Numerator issue is either related or is another tooling issue. The known denom exclusion issue is: https://oncprojectracking.healthit.gov/support/browse/BONNIEMAT-1106

      Please advise.
      Thank you.

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