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  1. Multiple candidate agencies: in some cases there is a choice of agencies, and a request is sent to multiple agencies, then
    1. if more than one agency accepts, one is selected, the initiator sends a confirmation to the selected agency, and cancel notification to the non-selected ones
    2. if only one agency accepts, the initiator still sends a confirmation to it
    3. if no agency accepts, the process needs to start over with a new referral request.
  2. Determination of responsible clinician:
    1. Responsible clinician is determined before the referral request is sent - in this case the scheduling of the first home visit can take place after the confirmation is received by the agency
    2. Responsible clinician is determined after the referral request is sent - in this case the agency expects a notification about who the responsible clinician is after the confirmation is received. The first home visit can be scheduled only after the responsible clinician has been determined.

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