Many FAST Tiger Teams have transitioned their solution work to the standards development process through HL7.  To participate in this process and provide input into implementation guide development, the following information will help you navigate the content and tools provided by HL7, and join the HL7 working session calls set up by each of the Tiger Teams.


Summary of HL7 Resources


HL7 Project Pages

Track team progress, access call schedules and dial-in information, and review supporting materials related to implementation guide development and Connectathon testing on each project's page.

  1. Request an HL7 Confluence account if you do not already have one
  2. "Watch" the project page of interest in order to receive email notifications when content has been updated by selecting on the top right side of the page  

HL7 Conference Call Center (Calendar)

HL7 conference calls are listed in the HL7 Conference Call Center.  You can find out when calls are scheduled and access dial-in information from the calendar.

  1. Visit the HL7 Conference Call Center to add project calls to your calendar
  2. Filter the calendar by selecting the sponsoring workgroup for the project of interest

 4. Select a day on the calendar to view calls occuring that day

    • Select "Call Details" below the call you're interested in to view dial-in information and any notes added by the call organizer
    • Select "Add to Calendar" to choose your preferred calendar provider and open a new calendar entry. Please note the system only creates a calendar entry for a single date, so you can either save the calls to your calendar one by one, or edit the open calendar entry by making it "recurring" according to the call schedule noted above and then save.

HL7 Listservs

In order to receive automated call cancellation notices from the calendar, you'll need to sign up for the listserv for the sponsoring workgroup of each call.  Please note you'll need to manually delete the cancelled call from your own calendar.

  1. Log into your account (you'll need to create one if you don't already have one by selecting on the top right corner of the page)
  2. Visit the Manage My Listserv Subscription page to subscribe to listservs
  3. Find the sponsoring workgroup in the list of options under "All Public Lists" on the right side of the page, select the "+" to expand, and select the "Join" button.  Confirm your subscription email, and subscription format and finally select "Join List"

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