2018 Challenges

CHPL Data Challenge (launch announcement)

Challenge home page: https://www.cccinnovationcenter.com/challenges/chpl-data-challenge/

Winners (2018 announcement):

  • First Prize: ResearchAE
  • Runner-Up: Shiro Labs
  • Runner-Up: Darena Solutions
  • Honorable Mention: Tom Nguyen

Easy EHR Issue Reporting Challenge (launch announcement)
Challenge home page: https://www.cccinnovationcenter.com/challenges/easy-ehr-issue-reporting-challenge/

Winners (2018 announcement):

  • First Prize: James Madison Advisory Group
  • Second Prize: Pegwin
  • Third Prize: Jared Schwartz


Secure API Server Showdown Challenge (launch announcement)

Challenge home page: https://www.cccinnovationcenter.com/challenges/secure-api-server-showdown-challenge/

Phase 1 Winner:

  • Asymmetrik

Phase 2 Winner (2018 Announcement):

  • 1upHealth



2017 Challenges

Patient Matching Algorithm Challenge (launch announcement)
Challenge home page: https://www.patientmatchingchallenge.com/

Winners (2017 announcement):

  • Best F-Score (a measure of accuracy that factors in both precision and recall):
    • First prize: Vynca
    • Second prize: PICSURE
    • Third prize: Information Softworks
  • Best First Run: Information Softworks
  • Best Recall: PICSURE
  • Best Precision: Ocuvera


Oh, the Places Data Goes: Health Data Provenance Challenge (launch announcement)
Challenge home page: https://www.cccinnovationcenter.com/challenges/provenance-challenge/

Phase 1 Winners:

  • Hyper E-Health
  • RAIN Live Oak Technology
  • 1upHealth
  • Emrify

Phase 2 Winners (2018 Announcement):

  • 1upHealth
  • RAIN Live Oak Technology



Privacy Policy Snapshot Challenge (launch announcement)

Challenge home page: https://www.challenge.gov/challenge/privacy-policy-snapshot-challenge/

Winners (2017 announcement):

  • First Prize: Jason Cronk and Professor Daniel J. Solove
  • Second Prize: 1upHealth
  • Third Prize: MadeClear.io


Move Health Data Forward Challenge (2016 launch announcement)
Challenge home page: https://www.challenge.gov/challenge/move-health-data-forward-challenge/

Phase 1 Winners (2016 announcement):

  • CedarBridge Group LLC
  • EMR Direct
  • Foxhall Wythe LLC
  • kreateIoT, Technatomy, & Koncero
  • Live and Leave Well, LLC
  • Lush Group, Inc.
  • Resilient Network Systems, Webshield, & SAFE Biopharma
  • SpunJohn Consultants, LLC
  • Thoughtkeg Application Services Corporation
  • TrustedCare & ARM

Phase 2 Winners (announcement):
  • CedarBridge Group LLC
  • EMR Direct
  • Foxhall Wythe LLC
  • Live and Leave Well, LLC
  • Lush Group, Inc.

Phase 3 Winners (announcement and blog post):
  • Foxhall Wythe LLC
  • Live and Leave Well, LLC

2016 Challenges

Consumer Health Data Aggregator Challenge
Challenge home page: https://www.challenge.gov/challenge/consumer-health-data-aggregator-challenge/

Phase 1 Winners (announcement):

  • Green Circle Health
  • HealthCentrix
  • Medyear
  • MetroStar Systems

Phase 2 Winners:
  • First Prize: PatientLink Enterprises
  • Second Prize and Connector Award: Green Circle Health
  • Honorable Mention: 1upHealth


Provider User Experience Challenge
Challenge home page: https://www.challenge.gov/challenge/provider-user-experience-challenge/

Phase 1 Winners (announcement):

  • Herald Health
  • PHRASE Health
  • University of Utah Health Care / Intermountain Healthcare / Duke University Health System
  • WellSheet

Phase 2 Winners:

  • First Prize: Herald Health
  • Second Prize and Connector Award: University of Utah Health Care / Intermountain Healthcare / Duke University Health System
  • Honorable Mention: PHRASE Health




Blockchain Challenge
Challenge home page: http://www.cccinnovationcenter.com/challenges/block-chain-challenge/

Winners (announcement):

  • Blockchain and Health IT: Algorithms, Privacy, and Data

  • Blockchain: Securing a New Health Interoperability Experience

  • Blockchain Technologies: A White Paper Discussing How Claims Process Can Be Improved
  • Blockchain: Opportunities for Health Care
  • A Case Study for Blockchain in Health Care: "MedRec" Prototype for Electronic Health Records and Medical Research Data
  • The Use of a Blockchain to Foster the Development of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures
  • Powering the Physician Patient Relationship with "HIE of One" Blockchain Health IT
  • Blockchain: The Chain of Trust and Its Potential to Transform Healthcare: Our Point of View
  • Moving Toward a Blockchain-based Method for the Secure Storage of Patient Records
  • ModelChain: Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Health Care Predictive Modeling Framework on Private Blockchain Networks
  • Blockchain for Health Data and Its Potential Use in Health IT and Health Care Related Research
  • A Blockchain-based Approach to Health Information Exchange Networks
  • Adoption of Blockchain to Enable the Scalability and Adoption of Accountable Care
  • A Blockchain Profile for Medicaid Applicants and Recipients
  • Blockchain and Alternate Payment Models


C-CDA Rendering Tool Challenge
Challenge home page: http://www.hl7.org/events/toolingchallenge.cfm

Winners (announcement):

  • First Prize: Intelsoft C-CDA Viewer

  • Second Prize: Patient Insight


2015 Challenges

Market R&D Pilot Challenge (launch announcement)
Challenge home page: http://www.oncpilotchallenge.com/

Winners (announcement):

  • ClinicalBox & Lowell General Hospital
  • CreateIT Healthcare Solutions & MHP Salud
  • Gecko Health Innovations & Boston Children's Hospital
  • Optima Integrated Health & University of California, San Francisco, Cardiology Division
  • Vital Care Telehealth Services & Dominican Sisters Family Health Service


EHR Innovations for Improving Hypertension Challenge (launch announcement)
Challenge home page: https://www.challenge.gov/challenge/ehr-innovations-for-improving-hypertension-challenge-2/

Phase 1 Winners:

  • Green Spring Internal Medicine, LLC
  • Vibrant Health Family Clinics

Phase 2 Winner:

  • Green Spring Internal Medicine, LLC


2014 Challenges

Digital Privacy Notice Challenge (launch announcement)
Challenge home page: http://www.cccinnovationcenter.com/challenges/digital-privacy-notice-challenge/digital-privacy-notice-challenge-winners/


  • First Prize: PatientPrivilege
  • Second Prize: Team Raj
  • Third Prize: Team EXIT

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