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This document outlines, at the highest level, the required actions when a vendor enters certification with the Cancer Report Validator (CRV). Details about test cases and how to understand and interpret CRV results are found in the linked pages.

Vendors must execute and pass the five CRV test cases. All test data must be loaded into the vendor system prior to test case execution.

  • Either test case 1a or 1b is used, not both. See details in the Test Data Documentation for determining which test case to use.
  • Test case 4 requires manual checking by the tester. See details in the Test Data Documentation as well as Interpreting CRV Results
  • Test case 5 is a negative test case and should not result in a cancer report. It is expected, however, that the vendor enter this information in their system and attest to that fact in order to pass the negative test case.

When undergoing – or developing towards – certification it is important to understand the testing process. Context-free validation reports ERRORs, WARNings, and INFO, as well as all conformance statements that "pass." Context-specific validation reports MATCHes and MISMATCHes. Both types of validation report additional details that allow the tester and developer to pinpoint what happened and why an even was reported. A statement of "pass" or "fail" is reported for the cancer report as a whole.

Any ERRORs, WARNings, INFO, and MISMATCHes in the CRV results need to be evaluated because some of these results may not actually be failures. See details in Interpreting CRV Results.


All results provided by the CRV are not final until reviewed by a tester. Results indicating a failure may pass certification if an exception can be granted through appropriate documentation.


Documentation Links:

Test Data Documentation

Cancer Report Validator Testing Process Document

Interpreting CRV Results

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