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The electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) Issue Tracker provides a public place for the eCQM community to submit questions and issues related to eCQM specifications.

Reminder: Do not include any Protected Health Information (PHI) in the ONC Project Tracking System. 


Change Review Process (CRP)


The Change Review Process (CRP) provides electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) users the opportunity to review and comment on draft changes to the eCQM specifications and supporting resources under consideration by the measure stewards. The goal of the CRP is for eCQM implementers to comment on the potential impact of draft changes to eCQMs so CMS and measure stewards can make improvements to meet CMS’s intent of minimizing provider and vendor burden in the collection, capture, calculation, and reporting of eCQMs. The CRP is conducted through the ONC Project Tracking System eCQM Issue Tracker.


To learn more about CRP, please review the CRP Participant User Guide posted on CQM-5626. To subscribe to the weekly CRP digest, please email


The public comment period for the following CRP issues will be open from 09/21 through 10/05.


CMS90, CMS56, CMS66: CQM-5598: Add codes to capture severe cognitive impairment

CMS127, CMS117, CMS147: CQM-5599: Add anaphylaxis due to vaccine to numerator requirements

CMS136: CQM-5600: Update how IPSD with negative medication history is derived

CMS136: CQM-5601: Revise calculation method of medication treatment days

CMS2: CQM-5602: Harmonize Bipolar Disorder exclusion coding with other eCQMs

CMS133: CQM-5603: Align initial population language with logic

CMS133: CQM-5604: Revise timing of cataract surgery procedure

CMS142: CQM-5605: Align description and numerator language with logic timing of macular exam

CMS136, CMS128, CMS156: CQM-5606: Change prioritization of cumulative medication duration attributes

CMS2: CQM-5607: Replace coding for 'patient declined' exception

CMS117: CQM-5608: Add constraints to timing of Hepatitis B Vaccination doses

CMS138: CQM-5609: Lower the age of tobacco screening and cession intervention from 18 years to 12 years

CMS2: CQM-5610: Remove denominator exclusion for current of history of diagnosis for depression

CMS136: CQM-5611: Change timing of encounter to anchor with the index prescription start date instead of measurement period

CMS871, CMS816: CQM-5612: Add option for interstitial fluid specimen to meet glucose lab requirement

CMS816: CQM-5613: Revise logic to reduce burden on processing query

CMS996: CQM-5614: Revising timing of encounter to start during measurement period

CMS819: CQM-5615: Exclude opioids given in the operating room

CMS819: CQM-5616: Limit opioid administration to non-oral medications

CMS996: CQM-5617: Revise exclusion timing of major surgical procedures ending before the start of the ED encounter

The public comment period for the following CRP issues is now closed.

Multiple measures: CQM-5561: Incorporate 'Diagnosis' datatype to capture Hospice Care

CMS128, CMS136, CMS156: CQM-5562: Update Cumulative Medication Duration function to calculate maximum daily frequency

Multiple measures: CQM-5563: Expand codes using 'Diagnosis' datatype to capture Palliative Care

Multiple measures: CQM-5564: Require 2 indications of frailty to meet exclusion

CMS127: CQM-5565: Expand numerator to allow for pneumococcal vaccination since 19 years of age

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