Coming Soon: EH FHIR eCQM Draft Measure Packages for 2025 Performance Period Public Comment

Eligible Hospital (EH) Electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) Measure Tracker

The EH Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) eCQM Measure Tracker provides a public place for the eCQM community to submit questions and concerns related to EH FHIR eCQM specifications.

Reminder: Please do not submit protected health information to the ONC Project Tracking System. 

EH FHIR eCQM Public Comments 

This EH FHIR eCQM public comment period gives eCQM users a chance to review and comment on two draft FHIR eCQM specifications: CMS506 Safe Use of Opioids and CMS1028 Severe Obstetric ComplicationsCMS506 and CMS1028 are measures developed in MADiE and are currently operating under QI-Core STU 4.1.1. Users’ comments on the potential impact of EH FHIR eCQMs will help CMS and the measure developers make improvements to minimize provider and vendor burden in collecting, capturing, calculating, and reporting eCQMs. CMS will conduct the public comment period through the ONC Project Tracking System (Jira) eCQM Measure Tracker. User’s feedback on CMS506 Safe Use of Opioids and CMS1028 Severe Obstetric Complications draft specifications will be used to investigate any necessary changes to measure maintenance processes or standards. These updates will be communicated to measure developers, ensuring all EH measures are revised as needed.

The public comment period for the EH FHIR eCQM measures, in HTML, XML, and JSON formats, linked to the master ticket below, will be open from June 4, 2024, through July 5, 2024.

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