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The Bonnie, MAT, & MADiE Issue Tracker provides support to the measure authoring and testing user community. The Measure Authoring Development Integrated Environment (MADiE) allows users to develop and test measures in an integrated workspace. MADiE supports QI-Core profile informed authoring and testing of FHIR measures. The Measure Authoring Tool (MAT) allows users to develop electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) and Bonnie allows users to test their eCQMs through the creation and execution of patient test records. This tracker captures questions, feature requests and issues related to these tools.

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Links to the MADiE, MAT and Bonnie Tools are located below:

MADiE MVP Tab on the MAT Public Website:


MADiE MVP Known Issues:

MAT Public Website:


MAT Troubleshooting Guide

Bonnie QDM (using QDM version 5.6):

Bonnie 6.2.6 FHIR:

Bonnie QDM (Prior) (using QDM Version 5.5):

Bonnie FHIR Current and Future Supported Attributes:

Bonnie Troubleshooting Guide:

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