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"mm3" unit used for CD4+ count results instead of "/mm3" in QRDA Cat 1 files


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      This will require an update to the patient data, which will happen with a new bundle is released in the spring.
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      Calculating measure results using the Cypress QRDA Cat 1 files is problematic when some values use different units than those found in the HQMF files for the measures.


      When looking at the HQMF file for measure CMS 52 v2 there is a section that corresponds to the logic:

      Occurrence B of Laboratory Test, Result: CD4+ Count (result >= 500 per mm3)

      In this section there is a "value" element that uses the unit "/mm3" when checking against the CD4+ Count result:

      <value xsi:type="IVL_PQ">
      <low value="500" unit="/mm3" inclusive="true"/>

      However, when looking at the QRDA Cat 1 files produced by Cypress 2.4 for the patients HIV_Peds A and HIV_Peds B, it looks like they both have a CD4+ Count laboratory test result, but the unit used is "mm3" instead of "/mm3".

      <value xsi:type="PQ" value="150" unit="mm3"/>

      What unit is supposed to be used for CD4+ Count laboratory test results in the QRDA Cat 1 files?


        1. 11_HIV_Peds_A.xml
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        2. 27_HIV_Peds_B.xml
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        3. CMS52v2.xml
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