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Remove blood pressure guidance that is not built into the technical specification



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      Brief Description of Measure:

      ​CMS165: Controlling High Blood Pressure:
      Percentage of patients 18-85 years of age who had a diagnosis of hypertension overlapping the measurement period or the year prior to the measurement period, and whose most recent blood pressure was adequately controlled (<140/90mmHg) during the measurement period

      Description of Issue:

      We have received multiple questions from implementers regarding the guidance language below, in the second and third statements, that is not programmable:
      Do not include BP readings:
      -Taken during an acute inpatient stay or an ED visit
      -Taken on the same day as a diagnostic test or diagnostic or therapeutic procedure that requires a change in diet or change in medication on or one day before the day of the test or procedure, with the exception of fasting blood tests.
      -Taken by the patient using a non-digital device such as with a manual blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope.
      These statements have caused confusion as they do not correlate with the measure's technical specifications.

      Proposed Solution:

      We are removing the guidance language related to unprogrammable logic. 

      Guidance after change:

      Do not include BP readings:
      -Taken during an acute inpatient stay or an ED visit

      Rationale for Change:

      ​​Removing the two statements related to blood pressure readings from the guidance field that are not included in the technical specification will reduce confusion among implementers.




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