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Use of Encounter.class attribute across EC eCQMs



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      Brief Description of Measure: 

      All EC eCQMs

      Description of Issue:
      *​*Explore the potential inclusion and feasibility of incorporating a new Quality Data Model (QDM) v5.6 Encounter.class attribute into eligible encounter logic across all eCQMs. An encounter class attribute was added to the updated QDM v5.6. This allows the addition of concepts representing classifications of patient encounters such as ambulatory (outpatient), inpatient, emergency, home health, and virtual visits. We would like to gather feedback on implementer feasibility, burden and perceived usefulness of representing encounter class in eCQM logic for eligible encounters.

      Proposed Solution:
      Measure developers would implement the Quality Data model (QDM) v5.6 Encounter.class attribute in the eCQM logic of all eligible encounters, using codes from a value set (http://terminology.hl7.org/ValueSet/v3-ActEncounterCode) as defined as part of HL7 v3. This will provide a mechanism to represent the encounter class for eligible encounters across all eCQMs.

      Rationale for Change:
      Measure developers are interested in learning whether or not it would be helpful to implement the classification of eligible encounters using the new QDM Encounter.class attribute within the logic for all eligible encounters in eCQM reporting.




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